Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Class Starting for Ministry Wives at MABTS

Kathy and I are looking forward to being with some of our favorite ministry wives at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis starting in September.  It's so fun for us to share what God 's word teaches us about managing the chaos of our modern lifestyles and homes.  By following the principles of Proverbs 31, we have learned how to organize closets, put together quick and easy meals, motivate our kids to help with chores, manage our money, and love our husbands.  In this class we also add in tips and wisdom especially helpful for ladies whose husbands work in ministry.  We can't wait!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Children Rise Up and Call Me Organized

How my mother's heart was blessed today when my son texted me pictures of the organizational shelving and stuff he's shopping for at college.  He's organizing his tiny bedroom in the apartment he shares with three other buddies.  Since he lives almost 4 hours away, it's sad to have to help him long-distance.  Our schedules didn't mesh for us to help him move in so I just have to trust he'll remember all I've taught him!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 is Back Online

Dear Friends,

Sorry if you've been unexpectedly inundated with weird posts from this blog recently.  We took it down, changed website hosts, moved things around, and tried to simplify (except it was VERY complicated to do that!).

Anyway, if you're still subscribed, we promise not to overwhelm you with posts, but we did want you to be aware that you can access all the Family Notebook forms under the Free Printables tab on the left of the blog.  It will open a Dropbox page where you can download a form for printing.

Thanks for being such delightful readers!

Janet & Kathy

Monday, February 21, 2011

Clutter Therapy Soothes My Soul

I've been wearing my Clutter Therapist hat the last few weeks, working with a client whose husband is working temporarily in another state. She's very pregnant and they are scheduled to move across the country in two months. We have been going through each room of her house streamlining and decluttering, sorting, packing and throwing away. She wants to be organized before she packs everything up so when she unpacks in her new house with her new baby, everything will already be grouped together and hopefully settling in will be less stressful for them. We worked in her bedroom today and I was as pleased with the beautiful finished product as she was. Organizing is good therapy for my clients but it makes my heart happy too!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Shower Organizer Down the Drain

I cleaned my shower the other day (yes, it's newsworthy sometimes!) and was frustrated by all our large salon-size shampoo bottles in the floor. Buying large is a better deal financially but a headache organizationally speaking because they don't fit in the standard shower organizers. The baskets that stick to the wall collect soap scum and look disgusting after a while. Yesterday we bought an adjustable one from Bed Bath & Beyond but by the time you work around the shower head and the size of the bottles and try to leave room for the soap, the thing just couldn't snap into place. When we slid the shelves to one side, the suction cup at the bottom wasn't strong enough to keep the rack in position. When I find one that works, I'll let you know!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Santa Is a Genius!

Happy New Year! Can you believe I'm actually blogging again? Amazing I know, but here's something so wonderful I had to share the news.

We splurged this year and bought a prelit tree on 75% off clearance at Target. I wanted one because now that my kids are "grown" no one wants to cheerfully help put the tree up. Since the actual tree assembly and hanging lights is the worst part of Christmas, this will make things smoother next year. However, I wanted an easy way to keep this tree intact during the year, so we found an upright tree storage bag that compresses the tree for you.

Grant just helped me bag up our tree and it took about 10 minutes! Next year we bring the tree into the house, unzip the bag and pull it down, puddle the bag around the base of the tree like a skirt, and the tree is ready to plug in and decorate! For now our tree is standing in a corner of our garage but the bag is designed with many handles for hanging or carrying. Ours might live in the garage all year.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Clutter Therapist Now Making House Calls

To fund my workout/fitness routine and gym membership, I am starting a home organizing business. "If you're sick and tired of feeling disorganized, call the Clutter Therapist!" Hopefully the website will be up soon.
On a more "delightful" note, Kathy and I will be teaching the entire Delight in Real Life course this summer on Wednesday nights at Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, TN. I will also be teaching an organization segment in the "Designing a Home" program on Friday mornings this summer at FBC Cabot.